Titus and Tobias – Just 2 More Reasons Why I Love Keller Williams

There are a lot of reasons I love working for Keller Williams. The resources and teaching we get as realtors gives us the tools we need to deliver a great product to the people we serve, and it doesn’t hurt that I look pretty good in red. With all of the business factors aside, the big quality that really made the sale for me was the culture of Keller Williams.

KW is well known for its charitable efforts, and they have given millions for everything from disaster relief to food banks, but it is hard not to highlight one so adorable as this.

Little ten year old Tobias harper wanted more than anything to run the local 5k with his older brother, Titus. Titus has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, so after reaching out to a local news station Tobias received a jogging stroller to push his older brother the whole way.

Keller Williams heard about the story, and during their last Family Reunion awarded over $57,000 to the Bass family for education and support of their five-child home.

You can read the whole story here:


If you want to hear more about Keller Williams’ charitable efforts, you can go to www.kwcares.org, or simply google “Keller Williams Charity” to view page after page of KW’s strides to make the world a better place.

Thank you Keller Williams and KW Cares for showing me what coming from contribution is all about!


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