Cat Hollow / Brushy Creek Disc Golf Course

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or a professional sits-downs-man, you have to appreciate the value of going outside and taking in the beautiful Texas greenery. One such destination is Cat Hollow/Brushy Creek’s fantastic disc golf course.

Unlike traditional golf, disc golf only costs a few dollars to buy a few discs at your local store and join along right next to everyone else. Easy and inexpensive to pick up and play (and entirely absent of plaid knee-length pants) this is a sport that is meant to be played just as easily by yourself as with your whole family. Cat Hollow’s disc golf course is no exception with a perfect blend of both straightforward holes and challenging ones that will keep the amateur excited and the professional engaged.

The course was designed in 2003 by world-renound and award-winning course designer and frisbee player John Houck. Houck has designed some of the most famous and highest-rated disc golf courses across the United States, and this course is no exception. The course makes an excellent use of space and ensures that the player does no needless walking from basket to basket and makes finding the next starting point easy. The 18th hole ends immediately next to where the 1st began so you will have the energy to take that victory lap around your car you know you so definitely deserve.

Whether you are an avid player or you just want to try out something exciting and new, come check out Cat Hollow Disc Golf course today. Bring lots of water and maybe a snack and make a day of it. Again, plaid pants optional.

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