Avery Ranch Cave in Your Neighborhood

If you are ever looking for something interesting to do in the neighborhood of Avery Ranch, you may have a bit more to look at than you thought! Austin is known for having a porous rock known as “Edward’s Limestone” named after Edward’s Aquifer and is characterized by its chalky texture and “swiss cheese”-like holes. Because a majority of the town’s bedrock is made of this interesting stone, there are hundreds of caves here in Central Texas and each is a bit more interesting than the last.

Possibly the most curious of these is the Avery Ranch Cave located in the Morningside subdivision. Builders were installing a new pipeline for the developing neighborhood when the trencher hit an air pocket, and what they discovered was truly amazing! A deep, fully-formed cave right in the heart of Avery Ranch. Thankfully the contractors decided to redesign the piping to preserve the cave and its contents, and no major damage was done to the cave itself.

Although there are many of these strewn about subterranean Austin, most of them are either too small for humans to fit inside or simply not that pretty to look at. The Avery Ranch Cave differs from all of these traits and is known for having an amazing, roomy inside with dozens of incredible formations. The main body of the cave is a 30,000 cubic foot room with From soda straws and stalactites to flow-rock formations and stalagmites, the Avery Ranch cave is something to behold. The Avery Ranch planners gave up three lots to preserve the cave and have installed a viewing deck, a special hatch, and concrete steps to make sure that anyone who wanted to see the cave had the opportunity to do so and that it would be properly maintained.

The Avery Ranch Cave Entrance

Although this cave is technically withheld from the public and maintained by the Texas Cave Conservancy, they have installed decorative lighting and they open it up with an active tour guide twice a year to all of the nearby residents. If you are interested in visiting this cave and the many others in the Cedar Park area, be sure to have a look at http://texascaves.org/cave_day.html to find out the next Cave Day. You never know what might be just under your feet!

The Avery Ranch Cave Form  Avery Ranch Cave Form 2

You can live just a few minutes from this cave and in the community of Avery Ranch by contacting http://www.dreamkeyrealestate.comdreamkey@kw.com.

 “Avery Ranch! Why wouldn’t you want to live here?”


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