Avery Ranch Food Truck Park

If you have not tried food at a local food truck you do not know what you are missing.  These are not the typical trucks you see delivering at construction sites, these are full blown restaurants on wheels.  Greek, Italian, Mexican, traditional American cuisine can all be found in today’s food trucks.  Avery Ranch will soon see all of these options and more with our newest Avery Ranch Food Truck Park.  Potential location will be at the southwest corner of West Parmer Lane and Avery Ranch Blvd.

Waterstone is also considering other options for the area, including large ice and water kiosk, small fast food restaurants and pastry shops.  Avery Ranch food trailer park would be regulated and permitted through the City of Austin.  According to mobile food truck owners, receiving a food truck permit is considered one of the toughest inspections and permits to receive.

With several restaurants to choose from and the new food truck park coming soon, there is no better time to buy a home in Avery Ranch.  For more details on the Avery Ranch community please visit http://dreamkeyrealestate.com.


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